Subscriptions for 2017 are:

Family - £132

Ordinary - £94

Junior (under 20 yrs) - £24

Young Adult (20-29 years) - £47

Safety Boat Crew - £9

Veteran - £23

Partner of life member - £38.

The definition of Veteran membership is: A person aged 80, or aged over 70 if he/she no longer races (and does not have a partner who races). Veteran membership is only for persons who are or have previously been members of WOBYC for 20 years.

Please 'right click' and print off a membership form (see below). There are 2 versions - a renewal form to be used by existing members and a membership application form for new members. Once complete these should be returned along with any fees to:

The Membership Secretary,

Mr Ian Colby,
115, Palgrave Road, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. NR30 1QE

2017 Membership Renewal - Existing Members

2017 Membership Application Form - New Members