Waveney Class Rules

Waveney Class Rules

    (Amended Nov/2014)

1. The name of the Class shall be WAVENEY ONE DESIGN CLASS.

2. All members of the Class must be owners or part owners and members of a bona fide Yacht Club. There shall not be more than two owners of any one boat.
2a. There shall be a non-voting associate membership of the class whose annual subscription shall be £5.00 per associate member. (See also 29)

3a. The management of the affairs of the Class shall be in the hands of the officers who shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting and hold office until the next Annual General Meeting.
3b. The officers of the Class shall comprise a Class Captain and at least two other persons to fill the posts of a Vice Captain, a Chairman, a Class Secretary and a Class Treasurer, which posts may be combined as long as there are at least two other officers apart from the Class Captain.

4. The Class flag shall be code X (blue cross on white background).

5. Boats shall be named after marsh or river flowers and shall have the letter ‘W’ and number in red on the mainsail. The topsides shall be coloured white.

6. A racing flag must be flown when a boat is racing. The size of the racing flag shall be not less than 6″ x 4″.

7. Boats, sails, spars etc. must conform to the official plans of the Waveney One Design Class in all respects as regards measurements, scantlings etc. as interpreted by the official measurer.

7a. Permissible standing and running rigging shall comprise of the following:-
Forestay, Bobstay, Backstays, Lower & Higher Shrouds, Topping Lift, Burgee Halyard, Jib Halyard, Peak Halyard and Throat Halyard with secondary purchases/pulley blocks etc. at the discretion of the individual owners.
7b. The Class adopted the building material of G R P for the hull and deck in November 1994. From the mould taken from the hull of W12. New hulls to be issued with the next consecutive boat number available upon being measured and approved by the class measurer and two officers of the Class.

8. Any owner wishing to dispose of his boat is requested to give notice to the Hon. Secretary.

9. New owners or part owners must be proposed and seconded as members of the Class and elected by clear majority at the A.G.M. or Special Meeting of the Class.

10. An owner wishing to make another person a part owner of his boat shall notify the Secretary in writing. Temporary membership may be approved by the Officers until the next A.G.M. or Special Meeting of the Class.

11. When sailing for trophies or points, boats, if not steered by their owners or part owners (or immediate members of the family) may be steered by any person acceptable to the senior members of the Class present but no points gained shall count towards trophies. The first eligible boat steered by owner or part owner (or immediate member of the family) shall take maximum points. The second shall take second highest and so on. The one exception to this rule is contained in Rule No.12.

12. In the event of a member of the Class being appointed a Flag Officer of the Club, he shall be permitted to nominate one person acceptable to the Officers to sail his boat during that season and any points gained shall count towards trophies.

13. Sails shall only be made by the approved sail makers of the Class (currently Jeckells of Wroxham) and shall be made of the material and weight as specified by the Class. i.e.  5 1/2 oz. Terylene. The Plot number shall be 21065p (dating from 2004 sails SGM). Sails made after November 6th 2013 shall incorporate strengthened construction as approved at the 2013 AGM, having additional layers to the tabling on the leech of the sail and additional reinforcement around the reefing points (as for the current Y&B sail). The foot of the sail will have 2 enlarged panels to start from the clew outhaul and take in the 2nd Reefing clew and its panels. The standard sail will not include a leech line but the option to include a leech line is allowed. Following the 2013 AGM the leech line will have only one cleat-off point which will be below the 1st reefing point.

14. The amount of sail to be carried in class racing shall be decided by the Officers present. In the event of no officer being present the senior members of the Class shall make the decision. The normal starting time of the race will be delayed by 15 minutes and notification of reefing will be made 45 minutes before the delayed starting time. Notification will be given by cones hoisted at the Club House under the Class flag:-
One cone – One reef, Two cones – Two reefs, Two cones, lower one reversed – Close reefed (Three Reefs & Small Jib).

15. A helmsman shall be allowed to sail single handed if he is unable to find a crew. There will be no limit to the number of persons in a boat when racing.

16. No paid hands will be allowed.

17. Winches, jamb cleats and blocks and sheaves for the jib have been approved. Jib roller furling gear was on a one year trial from the 1993 AGM and approved at the 1994 AGM.

18. Booming out of the jib is allowed.

19. Boats may be hauled out of the water for one hour at any time.

20. Hauling out of the water for more than one hour shall not take place on more than four occasions in any one season and the boat shall be back in the water not less than 12 hours before taking part in any class racing.

21. Rule deleted (2014 AGM)

22. No boat shall sail with another boat’s sail unless in an emergency, when permission must be obtained from an Officer or senior member. The Officer of the Day must be notified.

23. Any alteration to any boat must be made within the class rules. Members are advised to consult with the Class Measurers when considering alterations. Class measurements are available from the Class Secretary.

24. In the event of any boat or equipment being suspected of not conforming to the Rules and Measurements of the Class the Class Measurer shall be asked to investigate and report to the Hon. Secretary.

25. The Officers shall, at any time, have the power to require any boat to be taken out of the water for inspection.

26. No boat shall have more than one new sail or suit of sails in two seasons except by permission of the Officers.

27. Officers of the Class shall have authority to suspend a member from sailing in Class races temporarily if such suspension is imposed. The matter will be discussed at the next A.G.M. or Special Meeting of the Class when it will be either ratified or cancelled.

28. Changing helmsman during racing on Oulton Broad is not allowed except in an emergency.

29. Membership subscriptions.
29(a). The annual membership subscription shall be £7.50 per owner member and shall be due and payable by each owner or owners of each boat on the date of each Annual General Meeting.

29(b). Non-voting Associate Membership of the Class shall be available for an annual subscription of £5 due and payable on the date of each Annual General Meeting.

29(c). Before any new hull is moulded or the keel for any new wooden boat is laid, the owner shall pay a Registration Fee of £150 to the Class Association, and unless such fee is duly paid, the new boat shall not be eligible to take part in class racing, nor participate in class events, nor shall the owner be admitted to membership of the Class Association.

29(d). That any new owner of any boat in the class shall pay a registration fee of £25 to be registered as a member of the Class Association which shall include the first year’s membership subscription, and thereafter shall for each subsequent year of membership pay the normal annual membership subscription.

30. No alteration to these rules shall be made except at the Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting of the Class.

31. Every matter shall be determined by the majority of the votes of the members present and voting on the question.  In the case of equality of votes the Chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote whether he has or has not voted previously on the same question. No member in any other circumstances shall be given more than one vote.