Extension Update Page

Welcome to the update page for WOBYC’s balcony extension project. Here is where you can find the most up to date information about the project, its funding, and all the work going on behind the scenes. If you’d like more information about our plans or would like to know how to help us reach our fundraising goal by donating or pledging, please click here!


Building update!

Today a survey to look for bats on our site was completed in order to comply with one of the conditions on our planning permission. Fortunately, no bats were found on our site which means our building project can go ahead in the spring as planned with no disturbance to the local wildlife.


Planning update!

Today a Balcony Committee meeting was held with our architect to discuss the contract with the builders as well as the funding for the project. It may not look like much is going on at the clubhouse just yet, but there is currently a huge amount of work going on behind the scenes! Thank you to everyone who is putting their own time and effort into this project.


Fundraising update!

We’ve currently got over £25,000 of donations as well as a further £5,000 of pledged donations. This means we’re now over halfway to our fundraising goal!


New Images!

Today we got sent three new images of the proposed west balcony. These show the redesigned support legs to accommodate the findings of the findings of the engineers ground investigation last week.


Building Update!

Today two holes were drilled through the concrete quay heading to the west of the club to allow the engineer for our building project investigate the ground below and decide what sort of foundations we are going to need. The holes have since been filled in, but you can probably see where they were dug if you have a good look!


Planning update!

Good news! Today planning permission was granted for our extension project. There are a few conditions we have to comply with, such as performing a bat survey before we start removing the old cladding from the clubhouse, but this means we can now start planning the start of our build.


Fundraising update!

Over the past few weeks, we have received a huge number of very generous donations from our members. We would just like to thank all those who have donated to our building project fundraiser. For anyone who would like to contribute and hasn’t already, details can be found here.


New images!

Today we got sent a few more images of the proposed clubhouse extensions. We think it looks pretty impressive!


Planning Update!

Today the plans for our extension involving a new balcony and an extended and improved lounge area were submitted to the Broads Authority planning department. For more details on our plans, please click here.