Club Boat Hire

We have a fleet of well maintained and competitive dinghies that suit a variety of different needs, skills and sizes.  Club boats may only be used when there is club safety boat cover available (Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, Saturday afternoons and Sunday Mornings).

Currently the club owns:

2 Training Optimists

3 RS Teras – with both ‘Sport’ & ‘Pro’ rigs

4 Toppers

1 Laser

2 Wanderers

If you want to use a club boat please email and tell us your name, what sort of boat you need and when you want to use it. At present there is no charge for using a club boat, but demand for these boats can be high so please plan ahead if you would like to use one. We want to monitor how often the boats are used so we can tell if we need to bring some other boats back into commission during the season.

 If you intend racing please ensure that you try and use the same sail number each time as its the sail number that is counted and not the sailor!

A great deal of time and effort has been put into maintaining our boats and to ensure that the boats are up to scratch please look after them and ensure that any defects or damage is reported ASAP in order that it can be fixed.

Please note that club Toppers, Teras, Optimists and the Laser can only be used anytime that a WOBYC safety boat is out on the water. 

Change to rules regarding use of club Wanderers . . . .

It is now possible (April to October) to use the club Wanderers even when there is no safety boat cover so long as:-

1.  You have been shown how to rig, launch and pack the Wanderers away after sailing and have demonstrated that you are a competent dinghy sailor. Your name will be added to the list of ‘approved’ helms.

2.  You have signed a disclaimer to say that you are using the boats entirely at your own risk.

3.  You do not sail single-handed.

4.  You stay on the broad.

For more information, please contact Veronica Falat

If you are on our ‘approved’ helms list you can use the Wanderers on Oulton Broad even when a safety boat is not available. To be considered for the list, contact WOBYC Sailing Secretary Veronica Falat