House Rules

Made by the General Committee – Revised 2020

  1. In these regulations the expression “Club Premises” means the whole of the land occupied by the Club whether owned, rented, or leased. This includes the boatshed, crane area, dinghy park, Clubhouse, pontoons, and the areas covered by the water enclosed within the pontoons.

  2. Members of the Club, their guests, and visitors, may use the Club premises and other facilities of the Club entirely at their own risk and impliedly accept that:

    2.(i) The Club will not accept liability for any damage to or loss of property belonging to members, their guests, or visitors to the Club.

    2.(ii)  The Club will not accept liability for personal injury arising out of the use of the Club Premises, and any other facilities of the Club, or out of participation in any activity organised by the Club whether sustained by members, their guests or visitors, whether or not such damage or injury could have been attributed to or was occasioned by the neglect, default or negligence of any of the Officers, Committee or servants of the Club.

    2.(iii) Parents and guardians are warned that the Club is only able to provide rescue facilities during the hours of Club racing. Outside these hours, parents and guardians have sole responsibility for their children and wards and must appreciate that the Club cannot be expected to exercise supervision or control. Even during Club racing the Club cannot accept responsibility for children, or any other person, not engaged in racing.

    2.(iv) Any Officer or member of the General Committee shall be empowered to expel from the premises any member or guest whom they consider has contravened the Club Rules and Regulations or whose general conduct is considered incompatible with membership of the Club.

    2.(v) Well behaved dogs are allowed on club premises but, with the exception of service dogs, are not allowed within the Clubhouse. They must be kept on a lead at all times and all fouling must be cleared up.

    2.(vi) Before inviting any guests or visitors onto the premises or to participate in events organised by the Club, members will draw their attention to the House Rules.
  1. The Club has prepared a Health and Safety File/Manual including a Safety Policy Document and Risk Assessment folio. A copy will be kept in the Race Box. Members are responsible for making themselves aware of where it is and to be aware of its contents.

  2. (i) The default for communications by the Club to Members will be by email. This includes all Statements implicit within the General Rules, and newsletters. Members should provide updated email addresses to the Membership Secretary at the annual membership renewal date. By exception, if any Member prefers some other medium, this should be stated.

    (ii) Members are permitted to tack appropriate notices to the club notice boards but should be aware they will be removed if deemed inappropriate by Flag officers or Members of the General Committee.

  3. (i) No dinghy, yacht tender, or other craft may be hauled out and left on the Club Premises, nor shall any craft be moored overnight on the club pontoons without the permission of a Club Officer or the Officer of the Day.

    (ii) Helmsmen are requested to lower their sails when moored to the Club pontoons and quay headings.

    (iii) Members are requested not to moor cruisers on the quay headings to the north side of the Club House when racing is taking place.

  4. (i) No child under the age of ten years shall be allowed on the Club premises without the permission of a Club Officer or the Officer of the Day, unless accompanied by a person over the age of 18 years who shall be responsible for the behaviour and safety of such child.

    (ii) Any member may bring one or more non-members on to the Club Premises and entertain them there at their own expense, but such visitors may remain on the premises only while the member introducing them is either on the premises or on board a yacht taking part in a race organised by the Club.

    (iii) No visitor may be admitted under Rule 6.(ii) (whether in the company of the same member or of different members) on more than FOUR occasions in the same year.

    (iv) On Open Regatta days competing helmsmen and their crews, members of any Club affiliated to the Royal Yachting Association, and the bona fide guests of any such person may enter the Club Premises and make use of the facilities of the Club.
  1. Any craft and/or trailer that regularly occupies space within the dinghy park and remains there two months or more after fees are due may be disposed of by the Club in accordance with the WOBYC Abandoned Boat Procedure.

  2. Members are reminded that they should not leave parked vehicles unattended in the Dinghy Park, beside the boatshed, in the park, or near the crane.