OSBO Race – 12.9.21

Start time – 10:45 (Allcomers) The start may be from the committee boat or the clubhouse, there may be a short course on the broad, in order to give a windward start.

There will be a mark just before the River Centre at Burgh St Peter and a mark just before the Somerleyton Swing Bridge. Both marks will be to port and you can choose which you go to first.

The finish will be from the committee boat, which will be moored somewhere near the tea garden pontoons.

The will be no other club racing as the powerboats are racing on the broad.

Barts Bash

Allcomers average lap race at 12:30.

SI 9b – A white letter A on a black background shall signify that the race is a handicap race calculated on average lap times. (The number of laps is not shown.) All boats shall pass through the gate formed by the startline distance marks at the end of each lap. A yellow letter G on a black background will indicate the gate in the course.

If you want to appear on the Barts Bash results online, you will need to enter yourself – https://www.bartsbash.com/

Last Wednesday Race

This Wednesday (8th September) will be the last in the evening series.

There will be 1 points race at 18:00 – followed by prizegiving and a bring a plate buffet.

Sunday 29th August

Picnic cruise to Somerleyton, motor, sail or by any other means! Depart from Oulton Broad at around 10:30.

Powerboats are racing on the broad, so there is no usual club racing.

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