Oulton Week Results 2017

Oulton Week results are here . . . .

Mixed One Designs (am)

Fast Handicap (am)


Norfolk Dinghies

Slow Handicap (am)

Hansa Handicap

River Cruisers (midday) overall results

Fast Handicap (13.00 hrs)

Slow Handicap (13.03 hrs)


Yare & Bures

Broads One Designs


Fast Handicap (pm)

Slow Handicap (pm)

Mixed One Designs (pm)

River Cruisers (evening) overall results

Pensioner’s Plate was won by Anthony Landamore. The Yare & Bures won the Blackburn Trophy. Joshua Means won the junior Broads OD race; Edward Nourse won the Under-18s trophy. Stephenie Dickinson won the Broads OD ladies race.

First 10 in the Bloodbath Race were: 1. Hansa dinghy Jonathan Blankley; 2. Optimist William Pank; 3. Optimist Joshua Means; 4. Hansa dinghy Anthony Barkes; 5. RS 300 Gary Fryer; 6. Optimist Sam Dickinson; 7. National 12 Julian & Bethany Hood; 8. Topper Tom Thwaites; 9. Streaker Mark Langston; 10. Topper Topaz David Means