Oulton Week 2019


Mixed One Designs (am)

Fast Handicap (am)

Laser Handicap

Norfolk Dinghies

Slow Handicap (am)

Hansa Handicap

Fast Handicap (lunchtime)

Slow Handicap (lunchtime)


Yare & Bures

Broads One Designs


Fast Handicap (pm)

Slow Handicap (pm)

Mixed One Designs (pm)

River Cruiser results:

Download (PDF, 60KB)

Download (PDF, 60KB)

Pensioners Plate – won by Matthew Thwaites

Blackburn Trophy – won Yare & Bures

Under 14 yrs Junior Broads OD Trophy – won by Josh Means

Under 18 yrs Junior Broads OD Trophy – won by Christopher Davies

Broads OD Ladies Trophy – won by Mary Thwaites

Bloodbath Race 2019 revised 26 Aug  Apologies to Simon Marfleet and Stef Oosthuysen in Squib 50. They were recorded as having completed 3 laps but they actually did 4 so their finishing position is 9th, not nearly last! And we already realised when posting the first set of results that Henry Means was 4th, not somewhere lower!