Oulton Week Results 2018

Mixed One Designs (am)

Fast Handicap (am)


Norfolk Dinghies

Slow Handicap (am)

Hansa Handicap

see below for River Cruiser results

Fast Handicap (lunchtime)

Slow Handicap (lunchtime)


Yare & Bures

Broads One Designs


Fast Handicap (pm)

Slow Handicap (pm)

Mixed One Designs (pm)

RIVER CRUISERS: lunchtime series:

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RIVER CRUISERS: evening series:

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Bloodbath Race – top 10 places (25 starters):

  1. Phantom 1266  Ben Falat
  2. Oulton Rater XX2  Jordan Levett, Kyle Beamish, Eimear Rattenbury
  3. Hansa  5  Alan Cone
  4. Phantom 1394  Gary Fuller
  5. Topper 47625  Tom Thwaites  (1st Junior)
  6. National 12 3446  Julian and Bethany Hood
  7. Comet  789   Steve Harvey
  8. Norfolk Dinghy  52  Mike Collins
  9. Topper  42603   Felix Cripps
  10. Hansa  17  Jerry Ballam

Other Results:

Pensioners Plate (sailed in Toppers) – won by Chris Pank

Junior BOD race – 1st under 19 – Henry Cole in BOD 56 Pipit; 1st under 15 – Ellie Thwaites in BOD 71 Harrier

Ladies BOD race – 1st Grace Pank in BOD 56 Pipit

Blackburn Trophy – won by the Yare & Bure team


Update written on Thursday of Oulton Week:

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