Racing Results Summer 2015

Please note:

  1. In Fast Handicap races Laser owners can choose to sail with the standard or the radial rig and can swap rigs during the season. However, because it is difficult to input results to Sailwave when boats change PY number within a series, boats that use both rigs are scored as if they are 2 separate boats. At the end of each series, their scores will be amalgamated to give the boat’s overall result.
  2. In Mixed Keels races Waveney 2 is sailing with battens in her mainsail. Technically she is out of class. She has been given a provisional handicap that’s the same as the Waveney, Squib and BOD handicap but this will be regularly reviewed.

2015 Saturday Results

Saturday Fast Handicap 1st series

Saturday Slow Handicap 1st series

Saturday Broads ODs

Saturday Squibs

Saturday Waveney series

Saturday Fast Handicap 2nd series

Saturday Slow Handicap 2nd series

Saturday Mixed Keels

Spring series – Saturday Slow Handicap combined

2015 Sunday Results

Sunday Fast Handicap 1st Series

Sunday Broads O,D

Sunday Squibs

Sunday Waveneys

Sunday Fast Handicap 2nd Series

Sunday Mixed Keels

2015 End of Season Regatta

Fast Handicap


Slow Handicap



2015 Club Allcomers Races

Lady Mayhew Trophy

Phil Plant Race 2015

Download (PDF, 129KB)

Bart’s Bash race 2015

2015 Open Events

Laser and Singlehander Open April 4th   Lasers   Fast Handicap   Slow Handicap

Waveney Championships 2015  June 28th-29th

River Cruiser open meeting 2015  September 5th

Broads One Design open September 13th 2015

Junior Regatta 19th Sept Open Fleet

Junior Regatta 19th Sept Regatta Fleet

Norfolk Dinghy Championships 2015

Laser open 11th October 2015

Optimist open October 31st

Topper open October 31st