Racing Programme 2020

Racing in 2020

Racing at WOBYC in August - updated 26th July

Here's the plan for weekend club racing at WOBYC for August and going into the Autumn.

We will run Programme A on Saturdays and Programme B on Sundays as published in the 2020 WOBYC Yearbook.

Prog. A (Saturdays)

14.21  Fast Handicap

14.24  Slow Handicap

14.27  Mixed Keelboats (i.e. Squibs and BODs)

14.30  Waveneys

15.30  Fast Handicap

15.33  Slow Handicap

1600  Mixed Keelboats (Waveneys, Squibs, BODs)

Please note that the first Keelboat races on Saturdays are slightly earlier than in previous years' Prog A. That change was decided on during the winter.

Prog. B (Sundays)

10.15  Fast Handicap

10.18  Slow Handicap

10.30  BODs

10.33  Squibs

10.36  Waveneys

11.30  Fast Handicap

11.33  Slow Handicap

12.00  Mixed Keelboats

The keelboat races on Saturdays and all races on Sundays will count towards series that will go right through to the end of the season and club trophies will be awarded.

The Fast Handicap and Slow Handicap races on Saturdays will count towards August series. There are 5 Saturdays in August so, with 2 races a day, the series for each fleet will consist of 10 races. As with all the other club racing series, you count your best 50% + 1 of the races that take place. So, if all 10 races are sailed, you need 6 results to count. The Fast Handicap will be competing for the Summer Tankard and the Slow for the Summer Cup.

Then, through September and October,  the Saturday Fast and Slow Handicap races will count for the Bob Niblett Trophy and the Waterfront Shield respectively.

We also intend to run a version of Oulton Week - just 4 days (Sun 23rd - Wed 26th August). The programme is being finalised now and the entry forms will be posted on the website this week.  Saturday 22nd will be Programme A club racing.

At some stage the Waveney Championships can be held. The class can choose a weekend. The BOD weekend is scheduled for 5th-6th September - hopefully that can go ahead; again, it's up to the class. Other events in the calendar will be discussed in due course.



6.00 pm Mixed Dinghies (class flag will be Numeral Pennant 4 which is a long red flag with a white cross on it)

6.03 pm Mixed Keelboats

Second races to follow (probably at about 6.40).

Third races to follow if people want them.

The main races of the evening will be the second races and results will count towards a series which will continue into August. The other races will be quite short and won't count for a series.


Please be aware that the broad can be very crowded at times with people on paddleboards, in kayaks, etc and many won't realise or understand what we're doing! Similarly, anglers don't realise we can't always see their fishing lines.

Please be considerate. We're not the only ones keen to get on the water and enjoy our sport.

If you suspect you have Covid-19 symptoms, please stay away - and get well soon!