Streaker Dinghy Open – 12th June

Briefing @ 10:20 in the dinghy park

First race @ 11:00

3 races total, 2 to count.

£10 entry on the day – includes a lunch

Please email if you intend on coming and for more information.

River Race – 30.5.21

On Sunday, there will be an ‘OSBO’ style river race.

Start time – 10:45 (Allcomers) The start may be from the committee boat or the clubhouse, there may be a short course on the broad, in order to give a windward start.

There will be a mark just before the River Centre at Burgh St Peter and a mark just before the Somerleyton Swing Bridge. Both marks will be to port and you can choose which you go to first.

The finish will be from the committee boat, which will be moored somewhere near the tea garden pontoons.

The will be no other club racing.

Racing Start Times – From 18th May

Due to the bar and canteen reopening, we will go back to our usual racing programme, as written in the hand book.


18:00 – Mixed Dinghies ‘practice’ race
18:03 – Mixed Keelboats ‘practice’ race

18:30 – Mixed Dinghies ‘points’ race
18:33 – Mixed Keelboats ‘points’ race


14:06 – Fast Handicap
14:09 – Slow Handicap
14:27 – Mixed Keelboats
14:30 – Waveney OD

15:30 – Fast Handicap
15:33 – Slow Handicap
16:00 – Mixed Keelboats


10:15 – Fast Handicap
10:18 – Slow Handicap 
10:30 – Broads OD 
10:33 – Squibs 
10:36 – Waveney OD 

11:30 – Fast Handicap 
11:33 – Slow Handicap 
12:00 – Mixed Keelboats

Return to Racing

For now (until further notice), racing and other club organised activities are for members only.
The clubhouse and toilets/changing rooms will remain closed. (except for safety/box team access)

End of Lockdown Regatta – Sunday 4th April

3 races for each fleet, with the first race at:
10:15 – Phantoms
10:18 – Lasers (Standard and Radial)
10:21 – Fast Handicap
10:24 – Mixed One Designs
10:27 – Slow Handicap
With races 2 and 3 to follow ‘back to back’

Keelboat series

Races for Waveneys, Squibs and BOD’s in April will count towards a ‘Warm up series’ with the main points series to start in May. (This excludes the End of Lockdown Regatta) This is to give owners a chance to work on their boats before the main series starts.

Lockdown 2 – No Club Racing!

In this 2nd period of National Lockdown there are various restrictions on sailing clubs, including WOBYC. All club racing and other activities are suspended and the club is closed for the duration of the lockdown. Therefore, our Winter race programme won’t be able to start until December 6th at the earliest. However, we are still allowed to sail on the Broad as individuals although we must follow the rule that says we can only do this alone or with people from our own household/support bubble or with just one person from another household. The latest guidance from the RYA is here. Please read it.

Building Update

Today a survey to look for bats on our site was completed in order to comply with one of the conditions on our planning permission. Fortunately, no bats were found on our site which means our building project can go ahead in the spring with no disturbance to the local wildlife.

Planning Update

Today a Balcony Committee meeting was held with our architect to discuss the contract with the builders as well as the funding for the project. It may not look like much is going on at the clubhouse just yet, but there is currently a huge amount of work going on behind the scenes! Thank you to everyone who is putting their own time and effort into this project.

Fundraising Goal

We’ve currently got over £25,000 of donations as well as a further £5,000 of pledged donations. This means we’re now over halfway to our fundraising goal!